five Straight Boys sat next to us at Mr. Chopsticks tonight and proceeded to chug an entire pitcher of soda together, at the same time, all straws in, looking at each other dead in the eyes





Kids show.

yeah this was a pretty graphic finale… it’s still a kids show. But wow. There’s some blood on the ground where P’li blew up.

Don’t forget about the Ghazan suicide scene

pretty sure this is why they don’t air it on tv anymore…

  • WiFi: connected
  • Me: then fucking act like it


asami will fuck you up and look flawless doing it


Bruhsuke and Sharkbait

I think they look better together hhhhhhhhu


korra fans be like 


zaheer reminds of weeaboos and people who fetishize the shit out of native americans

like really having no qualms killing of a race of people barely recovering from genocide and destroying their landmarks but also quoting and referencing their culture and cultural icons because it “fits”

A:TLA // LOK Parallels: Bringing the Avatar back to life during the season finale after they’ve been injured in the Avatar State.